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    Costume regulations and regulations for the carrying of imitation weapons at Cosplayer

    To ensure that all visitors to the Manga-Comic-Convention at the Leipzig Book Fair enjoy a wonderful event with great memories we would like to provide cosplayers with specific information regarding costume design and the regulations regarding weapons.

    To ensure that all visitors to the Manga-Comic-Convention at the Leipzig Book Fair enjoy a wonderful event with great memories we would like to provide cosplayers with specific information regarding costume design and the regulations regarding weapons.

    For reasons of fairness, we would like to ask all cosplayers to abide by these regulations.

    Specific enquiries as to whether a costume or imitation weapon is acceptable can be sent with photo and full name to info@manga-comic-con.de.

    Costume design regulations

    • Costumes may not be too revealing, i.e. chest, private parts and buttocks must be adequately covered with clothing – this applies for both sexes. Obscene gestures/actions are also prohibited.
    • Maximum dimensions for lavish costumes:
      • Skirts/dresses: max. 2 m diameter
      • Trains and tails: max. 1 m length from end of foot
      • Wings (fixed): max. 1 m span per wing, i.e. 2 m wingspan in total
      • Wings (flexible; wings that can be folded and extended): max. span 2 m per extended wing; folded max. 1 m span per wing; please only extend for photos where there is sufficient space to do so
      • Height of costume, in particular with wings, crowns: 2.50 m
      • We request that all cosplayers get dressed, styled and made-up at home or in their hotel room, as only limited changing facilities are available. Hair in the washbasin or sanitary facilities fogged with hairspray are unfair towards other fair visitors and individuals responsible may be held liable for the cleaning of the sanitary facilities.
      • Depictions of injuries above 10 cm in diameter (in particular of intestines, burns, flesh wounds) are prohibited.
      • No artificial blood or liquid or make-up with a similar appearance may be used on body and fabric as well as accessories, weapons and helmets.
      • Make-up and "grime" forming part of the costume may not leave a residue.
      • Costumes depicting or based upon army uniforms and battledress from the era after 1900 are not permitted. We ask all cosplayers to observe the laws regarding insignia, which prohibits the depiction of specific signs and symbols.
      • Metal armour components must be attached securely to the body. Loose components must be presented to the weapon check area.
      • It is not permitted to depict zombies.
      • No gas masks and no (Halloween) latex full-face masks may be worn. Motorcycle helmets are also not permitted. Together with the accompanying clothing, these are generally classed under the "battledress" category of prohibited costumes.
      • Fursuits, morphsuits/zentais are permitted

    Clothing accessories


    Weapons are essential for many cosplay costumes. However, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and our obligations as organiser and operator mean that there are guidelines which must be observed. We therefore conduct a "weapon check" at the Leipzig Book Fair. Dangerous objects are assessed here.

    Permitted imitation weapons

    As a rule, the carrying of weapons, mock weapons (i.e. imitation weapons) is not permitted in public and at events. We refer to the German weapon laws in this respect.

    Persons arming themselves with weapon-like objects and enacting combat-like situations run the risk of visitors and security personnel believing these to be genuine and acting in self-defence, with fatal consequences for all concerned. Imitation weapons therefore have no place in public and at events!

    Show fighting is only permitted on the stage during cosplay competitions/performances.

    Excepted from these regulations are objects whose appearance indicates they are intended for play purposes, i.e. children's toys.

    Permitted imitation weapons, taking account of the above conditions, include:

    • Imitation weapons made from foam, rubber, cardboard, soft plastic (toy weapons)
    • Imitation cutting and thrusting weapons must be blunt
    • Sharp items, such as spears or arrows, must be bendable
    • LARP weapons (Live Action Role Play - generally replicas in foam or latex with a stabilising core
    • Weapons and staffs made of wood, cardboard, plastic, soft material, foam (e.g. construction foam) or thermo-plastic materials as well as a combination of these, up to a total length of max. 1,50 m
    • Walking sticks and staffs with a total length of 2 m
    • Scythe blades with a length of 0.80 m
    • Non-functioning bows without real strings, max. 1.50 m and quiver, but only with imitation arrows
    • Choking weapons (such as nunchakus) only with non-metallic chains and predetermined breaking point
    • Riding crops max. 1 m, whips max. 1.50 m incl. lash)
    • Shields are permitted up to a diameter of 80 cm. Please note the permitted materials.

    Non-permitted materials include

    • All metal types (where the share of metal is predominant. This is decided on the basis of a photo following an individual enquiry to the MCC organisers), genuine swords and ornamental swords are definitely not permitted. Plexiglas (due to sharpness, in particular with regard to cutting and thrusting weapons), wood above a thickness of 3 cm (e.g. baseball bat).
    • Weapons that can be dismantled with individual parts subsequently below the permissible overall dimensions are prohibited nonetheless.
    • Loose, solid metal chains are not permitted.
    • Tanto knives are not permitted.
    • Airsoft weapons are not permitted (including deactivated airsoft weapons)
    • According to house regulations, handcarts and pedal cars are not permitted.
    • Throwing weapons are only permitted where these are made from soft, bendable materials without a solid core.

    Further information

    • Anyone refusing to have an imitation weapon checked and labelled will be required to hand it in.
    • Anyone encountered on the site with an unlabelled weapon will be required to go to the weapon check area immediately.
    • All visitors carry imitation weapons at their own risk and are thereby liable for any damage or loss caused by them.
    • The decision of the security personnel in the weapon check area is final and cannot be challenged.
    • All prohibited weapons and objects shall be stored at the weapon check area at the owners' expense and can be collected again at the end of the fair visit.
    • The weapons and objects of the cosplayers participating in selected cosplay competitions shall be stored separately before being brought to the cosplay stage in time for the event and handed over. After the event they shall be collected again and relinquished when the players concerned leave the exhibition site. Participants will find out which competitions this regulation applies to directly from the cosplay competition organiser.

    Opening hours of the weapon check area

    • Thursday to Saturday: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
    • Return of cosplay equipment handed in or retained from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm.

    Download der Regeln für 2017

    Cosplay rules of the #mcc17 as pdf (395.7 kB)button image

    Please feel free to print out these regulations and bring them on your visit to the fair.

    Status: January 2016

    This document published by:

    Leipziger Messe GmbH
    Manga-Comic-Convention / Leipziger Buchmesse
    Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig
    Phone: 0341/678-8244
    e-Mail: info@manga-comic-con.de

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